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  2030.01.01  05.58
Sticky Post: Accounts on other sites

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  2016.03.09  10.06
HP_Drizzle Fest

[personal profile] hp_drizzle FEST TIMELINE
Prompting: April 1 - 15
Claiming: April 20 - August 7
Submission deadline: August 15th
Posting: September 1st

Visit [personal profile] hp_drizzle for more info!

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  2016.01.01  15.27
Four fics: Mulan (1998), Emelan - Tamora Pierce, Gundam Wing, Deltora Quest

Completed fics: )

Works in Progress: )

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  2015.12.01  15.51
Two fics: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gundam Wing

Title: Between the Slayer and the Blazing Sun
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prompt: #487 – Crucifix ([ profile] tamingthemuse) and "If only you'd notice me: Yearning and obliviousness" ([community profile] ladiesbingo)
Warnings: Canonical character death
Rating: Teen/PG.
Word Count: 619
Characters/Pairing: Harmony Kendall/Buffy Summers
Summary: Sometimes, there are no good choices.
Between the Slayer and the Blazing Sun on AO3.
Between the Slayer and the Blazing Sun on FFN.

Title: Aftermath: First Impressions
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Warnings: None.
Rating: Teen/PG.
Characters/Pairing: Ultimately Heero/Trowa/Quatre (1x3x4), Duo/Zechs (2x6), Wufei/Treize (5x13)
Summary: Trowa Barton wakes up in a hospital room, with no memory of who he is...or who he was. Day by day, he finds himself learning new things about his past that make him question what he wants from his future.
Link: Aftermath: First Impressions on FFN.

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  2015.11.23  11.55
Charlie Weasley's Birthday Month Comment Fest

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  2014.09.30  23.01
2014 Leverage Secret Santa Exchange

2014 Leverage Exchange
Sign-ups: October 1, 2014 - October 15, 2014
Running: October 20, 2014 - January 1, 2015

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  2014.03.07  21.40
For the Love of Narcissa (prompt-based fest)

Celebrate the love life of Narcissa (Black) Malfoy @
[ profile] fortheloveofhp

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  2014.03.02  13.32
Firewhiskeyfic Feb 2014 - Participation Banner

firewhiskeyfic participation banner

Thank you, thank you! I would like to thank altyerre for getting drunk with me, my roommates for being amused rather than annoyed by me, the makers of Finlandia vodka, and of course the [ profile] firewhiskeyfic Mods for hosting this thoroughly enjoyable event.

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  2014.02.10  00.54
Prompt 395 – Broken Soul – Special Delivery - prettysophist – Harry Potter

Title: Special Delivery
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompt: #395 – Broken Soul ([ profile] tamingthemuse)
Warnings: Non-graphic violence, references to dark magic.
Rating: Teen/PG
Word Count: 620
Characters/Pairing: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, OFC
Summary: In which Harry shows an uncharacteristic amount of initiative, and the Ministry are incompetent.

Links: Special Delivery (Broken Soul) on FFN.
ETA: Special Delivery (Broken Soul) on AO3.

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